Character Bios

Riley Cohen

Seventeen, snarky and not above telling you exactly what she thinks, Riley is a modern young woman on her way to spend the summer in Vancouver with her sister. Not because she's particularly close to Deborah. Oh no. Riley is avoiding the impending nuptials of her cardiologist dad and his bimbo girlfriend.

She's finished her last year of high school at a private girl's school in Nova Scotia, dumped the kilt and field hockey stick for Goth makeup and a new eyebrow piercing, and is entering first year pre-med on a full scholarship at UBC. She's book smart, but perhaps a little inexperienced in the world. During high school, she worked in a bookstore in Halifax (partly to avoid being at home with the bimbo, and partly because books are faithful, unwavering companions in the rocky sea of life.) She wouldn't list anything as a hobby (too lame) and would roll her eyes if you asked her to engage in anything that has a domestic air to it, but she happens to be an excellent cook. Able to drive anything with an engine, she excels at logical problem solving. What's she not so good at (but would deny vehemently) is being in touch with her emotions.

If you asked her what she thinks of Alec, you'll get an earful, and little of it complimentary. If you looked into her heart, it would be another story altogether.

Alec Anderson

Alec's a contradiction. A wickedly talented athlete, an uninterested student, not above a little petty theft but kind to those he loves, brave and unswervingly loyal. He's the kind of kid who sits at the back of the class and throws spitballs, but is probably brighter than the best students. He's bored, distracted and angry. Mostly angry.

He's tall, lanky, and as Riley notes, someday going to be very handsome. He plays elite soccer and was an excellent kick boxer.

Alec's life used to be pretty average. Mother, Father, older (and annoying) brother; just the usual. Then his father became depressed and started to drink heavily to cope. The family business faltered, bankruptcy followed, and all of Alec's hopes and dreams went with it.

Now they live in a crappy apartment building and his mom works shift work at the hospital to help them get by. But that's not the worst of it. Alec's family is crumbling under the weight of a worsening addiction and tighter financial crisis. And something is about to blow.

Darius Finn

Darius was born in Ireland, in a small country village, the youngest of eight children. His parents were not wealthy by any means and with so many kids underfoot and needing to be fed, often were somewhat neglectful of their youngest and most precocious offspring. The Tyons, on a scouting mission, noticed him when he was only eleven. By that time he was living at home only part time - a perpetual runaway from school and the church, which had been involved in his upbringing. The Tyons recognized his prodigious Tyon power and realised that training him in the ways of the Collective could potentially be in their best interest.

A physically beautiful young man with distinctive colouring and features, Darius had a difficult time acclimatizing to the world of the Tyon Collective, where standing out and attracting attention were seriously frowned upon.

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