About the Author

Who wants to know anything about the author? I mean, really? Most writers are not overly interesting people (except to their families, partners and maybe kids) and the most interesting thing about us is that we have wild imaginations and we put down on paper some of the crazy thoughts that go around inside our heads. Whether we should or not.

Here are some of the basics.

I am a grown up. I have another job, completely unrelated to writing and not nearly as fun. I’m married (for a long, long time) and have two interesting, funny kids, who were very surprised that their mom could actually write a book. That other people would read. I have two dogs that never talk back and keep their rooms clean. There is a large tank of water in the family room where we try to keep goldfish. (The fancy kind.) These are not pets; they’re movable ornaments that die regularly.

I wrote my first novel at 11. Yes, it was terrible, but I was very proud of it (and so were my parents) and it was sent to a publisher who wrote a lovely letter back to me. A far nicer letter than any of the rejections I have received since.

I like to travel and all the locations in my books are places where I’ve actually been.

I think that’s it. Guess my kids are right, and I am boring.

Updated September 18, 2011, 2:33 pm